UNIT 2 Assessment

Realise the Project Proposal and prepare towards final exhibition.

My finalized project proposal is based on imperfection idea. My installation includes prints, a screen, a projector, and surface (net curtain). I know I have to test everything out to see the results and I am glad I did because there are problems I needed to solve throughout the testings. Fist I had to design where things go, which I call wall layouts. And I finally got the chosen one (roughly) here but it needed to e developed further because of the testings. I also prepared DIY things for the mixer which I was doing it while things are tested out but I did not use it for the final show as I sound another way to present the glitch on the screen. All my preparation can be seen on methodology .

Present a resolved body of creative practice that has evidenced the

systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding.

The resolved body of creative practice can be seen in UNIT 2 Essay, I was developing my concept and idea for the final installation. From designing layouts for types to choosing an appropriate wall layout to installation, I slightly changes things because of problems and to get the best final out come. Start with the layout of types, I first designed with a normal layout which types can still be read, as it can be seen in my experiment with Helvetica Bold. Also finalized sentences can be seen here. I was trying to work with grids and spaces but after I had a tutorial session with Andy, I got suggested to try something different, like playing with words and layouts and make it look random/intention words. I then was doing another research and found an eye test plate very inspirational. As I am influenced by the idea of Jenny Holzer that her work is presented in different spaces because she wants the audiences to absorb texts and gather words and meanings as much as they can. I think the layout and idea of using the eye test plate as an influence is perfect for my types layout. And as I tried out to work on final type layout, I found it very interesting as it takes time to figure out what it said, playing with how human read from left to right, paragraph by paragraph. Makes it imperfect by breaking down words and sentences.

After I finished my types layout, I worked on animation and produced this video animation. The animation leaves time for viewers to figure out the messages. Each type fades in until sentence is finished and freezes for 40 seconds, then each one fades out until everything is gone. And the new sentence starts again the same way. There are 3 sentences on each side of the screen which starts differently based on timing. The animation lasts 4 minutes but continuously looping for the show.

Then I experiment on projection, wall layout, and projected surface. The first testing out was about using projector to project to get the wanted size. I need to think abut the space I will have for the show and where to place the projector to get the right dimensions. Then I tested on surface, tracing paper and acetate plate as I thought they would be working nicely but the results hadn’t reached my expectation yet. Both of them are too heavy and unstable, as also they don’t catch light as good as I wanted. This experimentation can be seen here. I learnt that I need to find something lighter and catches projected images as well as letting it through. So I found 2 kinds of fabric which similar to a mosquito net. They are very similar to each other but one is lighter and one is harder. The experimentation with fabric went well and I decided to use the harder fabric one as it would be better to be hung down. The wall layout was also finalized as I changed my material for the surface. It is finalized here for the show. For the screen in the middle, I found a perfect solution here, as it produces a nature imperfection and each time I turn it on, it has different result. I think it is perfect because it is a pure malfunction in technology.

Analyse and reflect coherently upon your own practice and others through

your presentation at the programmed symposium forming a synthesis of your

practice-based research.

By presenting the symposium, it is very good opportunity to get feedbacks and more ideas to develop to get the best result. I get to look back at the starting point, developments, and what I want it to be. Sometime I have more ideas or concepts but I have to keep telling myself what is the main point and apply those ideas to match with my final outcome. All comments and suggestions I got after presenting my symposium are very useful in terms of researching and developing. Especially the types layout, as working with typography needs a lot of time to practice, think, and re-think on typographic elements. More researches has been done and they help my idea opens wider. For example, this research inspires me with the types layout. My project has been developed a lot from the beginning and there are problems and mistakes, but it is a good way for me to try to solve them.

By looking at other people works and give out comments also make me realize there are some parts I missed out. It is very inspirational to see how people work and develop their works in different ways. Also other people comments and suggestions are very helpful as everyone comes from different places, cultures, and experiences. They all have different ideas which are very interesting.

Summarise your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for

continuing Personal and Professional Development.

Overall progress can be seen here. For the last week I have been spending time working on the show build and setting everything up. Everything goes well, but if I have more time, I’d like to finalize more on surface and installation. It’s quite different when testing at home and when testing in the space. Because my work is an installation piece and I need to get everything set up correctly as I planned. Some changes are made because of the space and equipments, as it can be seen here. But in the end, the final installation is build and everything goes well, images of the final installation can be seen here.

As from the UNIT 2 Essay and the influence of Holzer, I would like to work and develop more on environment and surfaces for Personal and Professional Development.

this project work has presented opportunities for future development. It is not only about typographic understanding but also develop this understanding with other elements. From the studies on typefaces and typographic history, it leads from types on prints to typography in digital culture including types layout and setting. Knowing the differences and advantages/disadvantages from both sides gives the opportunity to clearly understand how types work in art and design. This project is an experiment installation to see how humans perceive through imperfect causes by technology. And also environments are tested and experimented. Everything works in real space which also has a lot of problems, but as mistakes are solved and learnt, knowledges are gain at the same time.

The practice which has been developed throughout this project will be continued by experiments on typography and digital installation in new ways, including typographic elements and environment. For types and environments, there would be a further experimentation on mechanical dynamic surface, as well as consideration on stable textured surface. For the technology itself, it would be taken further on experiments with human communication and types using interactive design which leans toward sensory and sound. Types will be placed in space and interact with humans visually and verbally. The idea of Wabi-Sabi will still be presented through works as it is an important message humans should consider. Further studies on imperfection and malfunction in technology will be carried on, including a study on types and environment. It is not about pointing the bad things of these aesthetics, but it is about giving a full understanding in nature and accepting imperfection.

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