UNIT 1 Assessment

Develop your Project Proposal to plan a challenging and self-directed programme of study:

My main idea in the beginning of this project was typography (and still is). As the first proposal was written out, I was not quite sure what I’m going to do and the idea wasn’t narrowed down yet. I have been thinking about how types can affect human life and how types can express feelings. The outcome I thought it would be like is interactive installation, which would let people experience directly with types based on history and changes in typography. I chose the concept of how types can be related with human in ways of changes in environment, society, and time. Then I did more research in typography and its history, as well as its visual aspects and legibility. But mostly my researches were focusing on virtual typography and motion in typography, especially text in film and how these texts can control our eyes. For example the title sequence from the movie Wimbledon by Kyle Cooper. I narrowed down ideas to how types can control our minds, using research on sensory and interaction.

It was a good concept until the technique of sensory came into my mind and it is quite hard for me to get everything done. Personally it was not what I am passionate about. I had to develop something more about what I like to do and what I am be able to do. I had to have theme at that point so I had to think what I really wanted to represent. With the idea of imperfection which I have been fascinated, I did researches about Wabi-Sabi which helps me a lot to finalize my main idea. I want to present the idea of imperfection, that nothing lasts but it is still a beauty to the world. The final proposal was written out and this time is more focused on projection in types and mapping, to see how this techniques in using projectors, visual mapping, and typography can affect human perception and emotive responses. But it was still not enough to just play around with visual mapping and types. I was suggested to actually look at the medium itself in term of imperfection, which leads to technology. Which I have to define what malfunction in technology means and how this can be represent through types and projection to test with human perception.

Demonstrate a critical engagement with practice-based research reflecting on the critical skills and framework presentations:

As I did a lot of researches in different field (they can be read here), I wrote the research paper based on useful researches and practitioners to help me understand more about what I want to do. Visual cam be seen in different way and it helps human to understand better with typographic visual. Typography has been develop from texts in prints to digital, from fix to flexible. Types in digital let people experience more in terms of visual and emotive responses. But digital is directly related to technology, people tend to be drawn more and more to technology because it is somehow called god, which means it can give everything. Technology is not always good and perfect like it seems, practitioners like P2 and Jenny Holzers (her example video is here) play with projection and types. As well as some practitioners manipulate screen-based technology with the result called Glitch. My critical engagement of how types are represented differently between prints and digital can be seen in the research paper.

Articulate a clear understanding of methodology and context in your creative practice:

My methodology can be seen in these sections, Brainstorm & Concepts. These are chosen ideas but are not finalized. There are also some experiment I tried out but still I had to work more on them and manipulate to fit with my project. Most of them help me narrow down the idea stage by stage, by looking through about it more and deeply from researches and experiment. My progress for final project can bee seen in My Experiment and Work category, which all the progress until to final show are kept in this category. My understanding of context in my creative practice and development of idea from interactive to projection between technology and typography can be seen in Practitioner category. These practitioners researches help me out a lot with what I want to do in this project.

Evaluate and present your Project:

From this unit, my evaluation of this project helps me see the problems and results. I can see the stages of development and how the project moved from the first point to the present point. Typography itself is very wide, as well as typography in digital. I had problems finding ways at first of what I want to say through my project and how I can represent the idea through digital mediums. Doing researches help me a lot to find out things I did not know before, helping me finding my main point and narrowing down my concepts. All researches and concepts were presented in class constantly to get feedbacks from tutors and classmates. A personal evaluation is made through out the unit here, which represent arguments between ideas and decisions. I also had tutorials with Andy, which were very useful as I note here about how malfunction in technology can happen, as well as the idea and differences between fix types on print and moving types in digital.

Also the Mid Point Review was a very good session to get some feedbacks from my project presentation. I have got some interesting ideas to work on for my final project. For example using different mediums, not just projector, and manipulate technology and types.

Contribute actively to debate and discussion through Pathways and across the Course. Be aware of your own personal and professional development:

Most of the researches I did are from books but there are some workshops I attended such as electronic workshop which I did not put my example of work in my blog but I learned a lot about Arduino (however I can not really use this in my project because it is more about interaction). This work shop helps me understand more about electronic stuff which can work with computer, as well as equipments like electric board, wires, and potentiometer. I found DIY website from Karlklomp which I posted here and here. They are very interesting and using similar equipments to ones I used in the workshop. And if I did not join the workshop, I do not think I would understand any of this.

Also contribute in classes, tutorials, presentations, and lectures give me lots of ideas and useful feedbacks which I can reflect in my project and blog.

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