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051: Wall Layout V.03

I’ve been thinking of how to do the wall layout and it pisses me off a bit now. I want it to be more effective but still look good. The last wall layout I designed was good but when it comes to think about how to lay everything out, it doesn’t look that nice and just looks like I put all junks together. Anyway I come out with a new solution, wall lay out version three. And I hope this is the final one and I can figure everything out fine (in terms of finding materials and installing things).

So after have a look at a screen I can use with the video mixer, I found this one. Overall size of the glass screen is 39 cm x 70 cm and 50 cm x 80 cm including the surround. I need to change the size for other screens and prints. So I put 2 prints in the middle, combines with the TV screen. On the sides, videos will be projected through a projector, changing images from time to time. But on the wall there will be pieces of glass plates/ colour acrylic plates/ small boxes, attach to strings and hanging down from a ceiling. This idea is to create a representation of breaking down/ pixelate of types clearly and visually in 3 dimensions. I’m still not sure how many materials Im gonna use because this also depends on finding them and making them.

It’s bad I still haven’t tested anything out yet. I think I should finish all the video first but I’ll try to keep everything posted as much as I can!


050: Wall Layout V.02

I’ve been thinking of the final show and stuff because I have to prepare all the things I need. And because of my tight budget, I have to design a new wall for the final installation, which I think it’s still effective. I combine the projection tweak with surfaces, which 4 of the surfaces are going to be different. The prints are posited on 4 corners and the video mixer is composed in the middle. The reason I redesign this wall because I also want to connect these techniques together to compare and contrast the differences and outcomes.

048: Wall Layout

I’d like to call my project another name, The Wall. It’s somewhat a nickname as everything will be presented on this wall in my show space. I still don’t know how big I’m going to have (will do soon!) but here is an example of how roughly it’s gonna look like.

I’ll be experimenting not just prints and video mixers, but combine things like projector tweak (play with lens), and surfaces (bended, glass, boxes). I might even consider an old TV with magnet but this also depends on how I’m looking for materials.