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045: Tools and Projection Concept

I finally came across a tool to manipulate the images and screen for final show. The tool to be used in this project is inspired by Karlklomp website. He provides this video mixer which I think it’s quite interesting and can be used to manipulate my font layouts before projection.

As it is said in Karlklomp:

Dirt & Cheap Non-Sync Video Mixer. Just one potentiometer and some connectors and you have your self a video mixer. Well, not really sync but its mixing, haha. Simple and dirty. If you leave the knob in the middle the signal it losses sync on the output. Now, you could change the switches into push buttons and have yourself a simpler switcher. It isn’t gritch free but it doens’t need any power or parts.

I made two switches onit so you can change input 1 and 2 to the other side of the knob. Its also there to have the option for normal image. If you leave the two signals on the pot it will be slidly visual as a vertical rolling image. For this you need a 1 k ohm potentiometer, 3 RCA connectors, 2 switches (SPDT) and a enclosure. Connect the inputs to both switches, one input to each switch. Connect the output of the switches to the side pins of the pot and the middle is your video out.


Example result from the mixer

This technique is quite easy to experiment and tools are not expensive and not hard to find. I guess I can find them in Maplin. Thanks to JB for helping me out 🙂

Anyway, I did a diagram to show how it work with my layout. First I need to do font and screen layout then separate it into single still image, and burn onto DVD. They will be played on dvd players, through the mixers before projected on screen. These mixers will produce imperfect and glitch images. This idea is kinda playing with input/output in technology.

An outcome image, which is imperfect (corrupted/breakdown/glitch..depend on how mixer does it) will be projected in the middle screen, between two prints. To show the contrast in digital media and print media.

Each sentence will be spread out on 3 layouts, 2 are in prints and 1 in the middle is in digital (projection). Now I have to think about how big each one is going to be and how many sentences there are.