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008 : Wimbledon – Title Sequence by Kyle Cooper

Kyle Cooper (who did a title sequence for SE7EN) has been credited with “almost single-handedly revitalizing the main-title sequence as an art form”. This is the example of the title sequence from Wimbledon. It effectively captures our eyes using the sound of a tennis racket hitting a ball and placing texts in different position, as your eyes looking at it like you are watching a tennis match. It also makes me think on how our eyes automatically look at text without knowing.

I can not resist the simpleness of typeface, music, and concept that go very well together. One word, genius!

Watch the title sequence here


007 : Text in Film

I have been reading the book called Type in Motion : Innovations in Digital Graphics and found out that there are a lot of typography uses in film, especially in title sequences. Here are some example:

Catch Me If You Can


Casino Royale

Thank You For Smoking

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang