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033: Keeping up in 2010!

Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s a bit late to say but I hope you guys have an awesome year. I’d been taking care of my best friend and her sisters who came to London from Thailand for Christmas and New Year, so it was kinda like taking a big break for myself as well. Now I have to come back to reality and work on the project, like really. Luckily some new ideas were popping up in my head during the holiday so I’ve been jointing them down in my notebook.

Ok, let’s get started.

Firstly, I’d been asking myself what kind of imperfection theme I want to focus on. Like imperfection of what??? then use glitch technique and typography to help representing the idea.

maybe: using photography or cinematography to tell story of >>

1. life imperfection


2. technology imperfection

I want to use my own speeches/phrases in my project. So firstly I was focusing on what exactly people call ‘perfect’? Does it refer to materialistic things like money, houses, cars, societies, etc. Or does it refer to naturalistic things such as love, beauty, weather, etc. But I still look back to what the Wabi-Sabi book said about imperfection, that it’s ‘idealistic beauty’, profound ‘answers’ to life’s toughest questions, and nothing lasts forever.

So I chose to focus on the idea of ‘technology imperfection’ because nowadays technology plays a big role in our life and some people just believe it’s god, in term of it can do every freaking thing you want. Our lives have been slowly adapting to machines, which it should be other way around. So I want to play around with this idea presenting visual faults in technology.

I’d like to talk about technology and its advantages/ what makes people believe in when they read the phrases (the power of typography – using Helvetica, because it’s said that it’s the perfect typeface and somehow represents ‘perfection’). But then they have to stop and think again of how something can fail when glitch happens. The phrases will be based on ideas like “We are not scared because we have technology” kind of things, or even something like “Do not be afraid, we have things under control”. But the contradiction in here is the way people perceive information through reading and how the environment/technology presents itself. This is the main point I want to work on and make people realize that no matter how perfect one thing can be seen, it can always be imperfect.