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026: Research Question + Abstract + Key Words

// Research Question?

How audiences can perceive through the idea of malfunction in digital medium and space, using typography and projectors? What if in this perfect world, technology mistranslates by a loss or breakdown in communication signal, would this imperfection results deliver message in itself of nothing in this world is perfect?

// Abstract

In the world that everyone turns to technology and conveniences. Everything seems to be heading toward perfection. The main consideration of this project is people have not yet been aware of their own aesthetics in life and do not understand how these aesthetics could affect their livings. From the research on Wabi-Sabi which is the Japanese world view that focuses on imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It is based on a concept of understandings and appreciations of imperfection in nature. The aesthetic of imperfection will be the main point this project focuses on. This is the visual investigation exploring boundaries of reality and typography with idea and explanations that relate to human perceptions and imperfection. From the influence of Postwar began a concept of idealism. Early experiment of modern period includes re-build, re-construct, and be more open as well as the introduction of technology. In comparison, types could directly relate to human. They have been changed, deconstructed, and influenced from modern societies. In this project, types will be treated by technology in a different way. The work will be designed and presented under the idea of imperfection by exploring glitch technique in digital realm. There are two main mediums this project will be focus on. Typography is the first medium, along with representing in motion graphic, it creates a temporal typography piece. Typography in digital realm has the deliberate delay in its communication, and applying this techniques to leave times for audiences to perceive. Projection is another main medium in term of creating glitch and errors in motion graphic. Also there is its temporary disguise as abstract imagery, which the beauty of imperfection will be presented through this aesthetic. The work focuses on how the objects are perfects but using projectors to create results of imperfection. The project represent the contradiction between typography effects, glitch effects, and projection effects. And it will be presented through video installation and visual mapping.

// 5 key words




Visual Mapping



012: Research Question/Experimental Idea; Envirotypography

I’ve been working on research question and jointing down my final ideas and concepts of this project. And I ended up having an idea to do an experimentation on typefaces, environment (areas/surfaces), interaction and emotive responses.

The research question/experimental idea:

How types force human mind to look at/read them and does environment around them force the eyes too? If that so, does imperfection environment or area affect on audiences emotive responses? Do these emotive responses relate to historical or society changes between types and human?

010 : Finalized Ideas

The things I would like to use in my project to interact with audiences are quite a few to choose from.

For example, things that I want to use as my medium of interaction are;

Typeface: using different typefaces to interact with audiences

Language: different styles of languages

Space: using space/installation to interact with audiences

Colours: colours use can be very useful in term of interaction

Grid system: this is also relates to space, But I also would like to explore more on free-flow text as well.

Sensory: I would love to try but still I haven’t got any idea of how to use it with my project.

Also I’ve been thinking of how the audiences can interact with my project. Like how they might use things or even their own body organs like;

Eyes: Experiment on how our eyes move through space from text to text = Transition of eyes.

Hands: How is the interaction between text and hand = Transition of hands, as in writing or moving around.

Verbal: How is the interaction between speaking, languages, and typography relate.

And.. the finalized idea is that I want to focus on how texts/typefaces control our minds, by forcing our eyes to look at them. I think it’s very interesting of how we automatically look/read at texts with out knowing. The research question is; Does typefaces reflect how people look at/read texts through transition of eyes and space? Does this relate to development in typography, in terms of history, environment, and changes in society?