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062: Test Things Out 02

Ok. So finally I got to test the projector with an acetate plate and a tracing paper, hanging by a thread from the ceiling.

Test on Acetate Plate

Test with Tracing Paper

I like both results, but there are problems like ..

The plate/paper keeps swinging. Not good.

I like how the acetate plate didn’t affect the projected image behind but it’s quite reflective and types are rarely appeared on the plate.

The tracing paper working well with types projected on but it blocks out everything behind it.

So, I’m turning to a final choice: using a mosquito net instead. I found lots of places to buy and I think I’ll get it by the end of this week + test it out. If it works better than what I’ve done. I’ll have to think about how to put it on, like building a frame or something.


028: Barbara Kruger

I found Barbara Kruger’s work accidentally on The Brand New School website. Her installation work for Ecritures Silencieuses a show at the Louis Vuitton Cultural Space in Paris. I think her work is quite interesting in terms of exploring space, typeface, and projection.

Here are words from The Brand New School:

Barbara Kruger came to us to help her in the production of a site specific video installation for Ecritures Silencieuses a show at the Louis Vuitton Cultural Space in Paris. What started as technical problem solving quickly turned into a creative collaboration where we made sure Barbara’s high production standards would be maintained in a spatially challenging environment. The 5 minute bilingual typographic animation is projected in a 35′ tall rotunda literally surrounding its audience in a seamless flow of words and imagery.

Barbara initially provided us with very precise scripts and imagery. With a limited and focused team we spent the next three months refining the typography and pacing and took great care in maximizing the cyclical nature of the installation. In keeping with Barbara’s historical use of Helvetica Compressed, we customized the typeface ever so slightly to work with a variety of different layouts and translation within the space.

The piece will be up at the Louis Vuitton Cultural Space in Paris until August 23.