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052: Choosing materials

As I was thinking about applying ‘dynamic surface’ to my final show on the previous post, I have to do a research on materials and what suits the best with projection. As I can’t use a pure glass because projection would go through it and it wouldn’t reflect anything back. I have to choose something which is be able to reflect back, and yet still see through.

I found this test video on projection test on glossy paper and acetate. It’s very useful and I’m gonna test it myself soon.

As the practitioner said in his blog:

During last days, at Laboratori Ligabue, while testing frontal and retro-projection on a plexiglass surface, me and my teammates have found many interesting things:

  1. You can’t get a good projection on pure glass because its low reflecting coefficient and high refractive index just make the incoming light beams deviate and not coming back. So you must use some kind of translucent layer to fix an image on the surface, that’s why we tested it on glossy paper and on vynil acetate to see where we had the best result;
  2. Glossy paper is good, has slightly more brightness and it’s far more available and economic than acetate;
  3. Glossy paper gives a frosty-glass look, and its a bit less bright than glossy paper, but it’s far more resistant.