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066: Ready to set up!

This is a rough drawing for the final installation. As I said in the previous post, the screen will be put on a white pedestal in the middle of a projected video. There are two prints to be visually compared with the screen. One will be hung down from the ceiling and another one will be placed just below the screen, on the pedestal. Both of them will be perfectly align with the screen.

The fabric will be cut in 6 pieces and hung down from the ceiling just in front of a projected wall in layers, creating a surface. Each fabric has same length and width but will be posited on different depth, around 5-10 cm. different.


063: Testing with Fabric // New Installation Space Concepts

So I got two kinds of fabric to test (both are similar to mosquito net) from this fabric shop in Soho. One is softer and has smaller holes in white, another one is harder with a bit bigger holes, in silky white. First I thought the softer one would catch light beams better but I was wrong. After testing these fabric out, the harder one results a better quality, and I guess it would be easier to hang it down.

And here are some results from the softer fabric:

After all, I decide to go with the harder fabric for my surface/texture. I also design a new layout for it to make it becomes more effective in term of imperfect. I’ll cut the fabric in to six stripes for each side. Each stripe will have the same width but different length, hanging down from the ceiling – in front of the projected wall. They will still catch texts as well as layer them, produce textures/surfaces to the installation.

I still have to work out the installation and space because I have been allocated in a new space and I have to try to tweak everything in. The screen also can not be mounted on the wall. Shit but I can’t do anything now because it’s a bit too late. So I’m thinking to put it on an art stool, make it come out from the wall a bit, same as print…which the top one will be hang from the ceiling to get the same depth as the screen. And the bottom one will be put on the stool, just below the screen. Anyway, I’ll draw out a plan soon !!!!

034: Experiment with installation concept

I LOVE TECH by Yui Ratdilokpanich

I did some experiment with types and glitch environment, to continue thinking and working on installation work.

Here is the idea..

Each screen contains a word, and it will be changing in different timing with its own set-up glitch, creating a new environment. The screen will also be mapped on different depth of block on the wall. Each depth represents how strong the word is. I’d love to play with the meaning of word and the depth of block. For example, strong words like ‘panic’, ‘afraid’, ‘control’ will be mapped on the most depth block (the top block in the image), like screaming at your face more.

013: Installation Ideas

We were talkingĀ  about installation stuff last week in class which it kinda occurs me of how I want to present my project. I know it has to be installation but I’m not sure how many screens or projectors I need. Because my project is actually about experimenting and experiencing on different environments, typefaces, and spaces. So either big screen, or a lot of small screens, combining with a projector and motion graphic.

I’ve noted that I have to research on;

– Why I choose this installation?

– Is it affective?

– Space/ Scale/ Lighting?

– Is it a right medium?

Digital or Manmade? Which one is more affective?

I’ve also been thinking about how the final project is gonna be, in term of forms;

Idea 1. Motion graphic

Idea 2. Projection of types, on wall/area/surfaces (manmade; paint/stickers/papers/etc.)

Idea 3. Projection of types, on motion graphic

Idea 4. All manmade, but using a projector or digital equipments to fulfill the project.

I have to find the best way, make sure it’s a right medium and affective!