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064: Glitch Glitch Glitch

Result from a bad cable and it ends up produces very nice and unqexpectable glitch. This is because of a bad transmission from a bad cable. I don’t think I need my DIY mixer for the screen anymore, this is purely technology malfunctioning. Imperfecto !!!

DVD Player + Bad cable + Screen = Glitch


039: Martijn Oostra

“There are things that we usually do not see, do not look at. Sometimes you need someone to show you the beauty of these ‘ugly’ everyday things.” – Martijn Oostra

I found this artist and his work from Graphic Design for The 21th Century book and he has explored with images and glitch, which I think it’s very interesting and useful for my project in term of research. Here is an example of his work, Frozen Digital Hallucinations.

In addition, you can visit his website here.

034: Experiment with installation concept

I LOVE TECH by Yui Ratdilokpanich

I did some experiment with types and glitch environment, to continue thinking and working on installation work.

Here is the idea..

Each screen contains a word, and it will be changing in different timing with its own set-up glitch, creating a new environment. The screen will also be mapped on different depth of block on the wall. Each depth represents how strong the word is. I’d love to play with the meaning of word and the depth of block. For example, strong words like ‘panic’, ‘afraid’, ‘control’ will be mapped on the most depth block (the top block in the image), like screaming at your face more.

032: Glitch Study: Richie Tovell

using Midi to create glitch in footage.


031: Glitch Study: VADE

I’ve been researching on how to produce ‘glitch’ effects using either a controller or making in AE. So far I got some tips and techniques to do it and I should start give it a try soon. I found a blog call Vade, which is a pretty cool blog to explore about producing glitch with different programs and technology.

Here are some examples:

Texture Glitch

you can also see more glitch work example from Vade hrough his blog, which I found a lot of inspiring work and techniques to work with.

This example is using a plug-in with the screen saver on Mac. To read more about it, please click here

Some more experiment work from Vade:

Glitch File Reader

FBO Glitch source

A Brief Tour of Quartz Composer memory…

Core Video OpenGL Glitch

027 : [karlklomp] Random Title Generator

JB passed me this awesome DIY website on electronic stuff. However it looks quite complicated  to do but I’d love to get my hands on them. Especially this video which he did experiment on glitch and types.

Here are some words from karlklomp:


Random Title Generator from Bauer Bosch. Its a VTG-500 in a bigger case, and they call it VTG-1000 Studio. Bauer Bosch has more title generators and can superimpose its graphics over an incoming video feed. I very much like these aesthetics of ‘glitchy’ text. Its random, not chaos but often totally surprising outcome. The nervous, jumping style of randomness; black/white appearance, I love it. I consider this has my new movies but than with constantly changing content. A kind of programming but without a command-z option. Hardware-patch to set structure in too many possibilities.

On the top two body contacts, three switches that active the random generating characters and a knob for a sort of offset characters. On the bottom there are three on-off-on switches with push buttons for 6 different effects that can be combined.


025: Glitch Study: Kanye West’s “Welcome To Heartbreak”