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044: FONT TEST: Helvetica Bold size and scale test

I did font test on Helvetica Bold in Photoshop. The reason I chose Photoshop because I want to see how pixelated it can get (can’t get it in Illustrator as all you know it sees things in vector). The result is quite impressive. To see how font breaks apart in different sizes and scales, creating new perception.

This is the changing between font sizes from 6pt to 100pt (6pt/8pt/10pt/12pt/14pt/18pt/24pt/36pt/48pt/60pt/72pt/82pt/92pt/100pt). I did this experiment to see which font size can be read the best on the size of 2480 x 6000 pixels (resized to 265×640 in this image). Texts still can be read, only produces some pixelated edges.

Then I experiment on size changing in JPEG of the image above. I changed them from 100% > 300% > 500% > 700% > 1000% on the screen size of 3609 x 2481 (resized to 1024 x 704 in this image)

As it results some broken parts, blur and pixelated in relation to zooming and scaling on screen resolution at 300.

Comparison between 100% and 300% on screen. Fonts started to blur out and become pixelated. Small font sizes can not be read at all because they become very blurred out and seem to fade away.

500 %



This experiment helps me understand the font sizes on screen better to be able to manipulate the projection in relation to typography.