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034: Experiment with installation concept

I LOVE TECH by Yui Ratdilokpanich

I did some experiment with types and glitch environment, to continue thinking and working on installation work.

Here is the idea..

Each screen contains a word, and it will be changing in different timing with its own set-up glitch, creating a new environment. The screen will also be mapped on different depth of block on the wall. Each depth represents how strong the word is. I’d love to play with the meaning of word and the depth of block. For example, strong words like ‘panic’, ‘afraid’, ‘control’ will be mapped on the most depth block (the top block in the image), like screaming at your face more.


011 : I ♥

This is very good site that includes typography workshops and experiments with types. I found it very interesting to see people around the world do something like this. Most of the works also give me idea of typography installation that I wish to experiment and develop further more!


Click here to visit I ♥