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035: Evaluation of my project proposal

Evaluation of my project proposal as a part of a self directed programme of study:

From my project proposal, ideas have been changing varies of times through up to now. First I wanted to do typography in motion, from just a motion graphic to a concern of using interactive design and sensory. I was a bit confused and it was too wide about typography. So it come to that I needed to find a theme for the project as the lecturer and other people suggested me, to narrow down ideas. I got this idea how typography can relate to human but still it was too wide and it could be anything. Then it moved towards typography and its environment which could affect human life, which I thought it is interesting and this is the main point I would like to explore. I chose to study on Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese world view of natural aesthetics and focused on imperfection point of view. The main idea is to focus on how types can control people minds and what if its environment changes, would it affect people thoughts? I then researched on how and which way to convey this message behind imperfection, though researches on light, spaces, and surfaces. I found problems a lot on these things because they were still not what I want it to be and the result might not be correct. So I chose to focus more on technology as it becomes very important in our life. Then I had to think about how typography can be used in this idea and explored further in digital realm. I have been exploring and working on things which have abilities to gradually change types through time, give different message other than what it is supposed to be, as well as imagery idea that can be resulted as imperfection. I decided to research and work on the main medium, projectors, as they are commonly used nowadays with digital projects including movies and installations. My idea is to explore what if the projectors are malfunctioned and how the audiences perceive information and messages. The result I want this project to present is how this work reflects people thoughts of technology. The problems I face now is how and which way I have to represent the motion graphic of typography through this malfunction idea. I would want to try DIY projectors as well as explore more options. I am working on it to find the best solutions.

Where I need to develop study plans in relation to the Unit 1 Learning Outcomes:

I need to research more on DIY things and malfunction in technology. I have been doing research on typography in digital realm and I think I have enough to work on. Only thing is I have to be careful when it comes to types treatment because what I want is not about the style or look, but focus on its history and messages which can conveyed through types. I have to start experiment more on motion graphics and videos, for example, produce mock-ups to see how it is roughly going to be to give me ideas and develop the project further. I also have to manage my times in better way to produce the best result. While I develop my project, I would like to keep focusing on what I am working on and narrow the idea down to the important point as much as I can. I have to be more specific on this project.