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049: Shopping for DIY Video Mixer

JB and I went to Maplin today to have a look at stuff I need for DIY video mixer. Thanks JB for helping me out again because I don’t really have idea about electronic stuff. Ok, now I just need a cheap DVD player and a projector. So the try-out should be happening soon and I’m quite excited ­čÖé


027 : [karlklomp] Random Title Generator

JB passed me this awesome DIY website on electronic stuff. However it looks quite complicated ┬áto do but I’d love to get my hands on them. Especially this video which he did experiment on glitch and types.

Here are some words from karlklomp:


Random Title Generator from Bauer Bosch. Its a┬áVTG-500 in a bigger case, and they call it VTG-1000 Studio. Bauer Bosch has more┬átitle generators and can superimpose its graphics over an incoming video feed. I very much like these aesthetics of ‘glitchy’ text. Its random, not chaos but often totally surprising outcome. The nervous, jumping style of randomness; black/white appearance, I love it. I consider this has my new movies but than with constantly changing content. A kind of programming but without a command-z option. Hardware-patch to set structure in too many possibilities.

On the top two body contacts, three switches that active the random generating characters and a knob for a sort of offset characters. On the bottom there are three on-off-on switches with push buttons for 6 different effects that can be combined.