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038: Mid Point Review 20/01/10

This is the note I took from MPR – Group discussion last week:

– Develop >> transition, integrate

– Think about if I want to do 2D images (still images), maybe I should think about distances and spaces. Where do audiences see the work? Play with quality of the image/ the languages/ play with breaking down of communication.

– Try animation? Maybe?

– Try Bitmap

– Think more about typefaces (emotional responses)

– Where imperfection idea places. In fonts? In projectors? Words? Meanings?

– Try to manipulate words

– Faults in fonts/ setting

– inherent/ property of fonts

– Different mediums: eg. projectors and papers and etc. OR 3 different projectors which have different qualities and defects

– Putting boundaries of technology: can be simple

– Jonathan suggested that I should have a look at Weinbier for contextual research, he has done work with noise and disruption

– Andy suggested that I should explore with kerning between letters, spacing, taking a word and play with it then take numbers and make note

– Rod talked about layout, that’s maybe it’s too perfect

– Black and white OR colours?

– Process/ loop of imperfection

– Word processing/ imperfection of types on paper and computer