061: Imperfectionist Postcard


060: Test Things Out 01

I’m really really sorry for the lacks of posting. I’ve been working part-time more this month so I haven’t had time to focus on the project that much but it’ll be all over tomorrow which I’m very happy because I can now work full time on my final project.

Now it’s more like testing things out. Past couple weeks I was testing and building things such as this DIY mixer which I haven’t tried it out as there was a problem either on a dvd player, a cable, or a screen. So I need to go somewhere else and try later. Such a shame.

…Anyway, I tried out my animation video and it works fine with the projector with 800 x 600 resolution. I also measure the size to match what I have been planning to have, overall 180 cm. x 104.10 cm.

The projector is needed to be roughly 300 cm. from the wall. And it has to be placed on something 75 cm. high

Next week I have to try projector with acetate papers which I’ll post on this blog as soon as I can 😉

059: Type Animation

So, I’ve done the animation for types on the both sides which will be projected on either small pieces of paper/or a curtain net – to represent pixelation idea. And in the middle, there are prints on top and bottom + tv screen with video mixer in the middle.

Let’s talk about this animation. I’d like it to be animated yet leaving time for viewers to figure out the messages. Each type fades in until its sentence is finished and freezes for 40 seconds, and then each one fades out until everything is gone. And the new sentence starts again in the same way.

This video lasts 4 minutes but I’ll set it loop for the show.

058: New types layout

After researching on the eye test, I ended up experimenting with a new layout which somewhat force the viewers to read, make words to complete a sentence. I think it’s more interesting and this should be my final layout concept. I just have to touch it up a bit more in the video as well as start animate them!

Ok. Let’s try figure out some of these 😉

057: Research: Eye Test

After presenting my symposium v.02 last week, I got suggested to look more about types layout and words. I’ve been thinking about playing with sentences and words using spaces. Which I found this idea familiars to the eye test plate. I think it’s very cool idea because each type would force out eyes to read and try to gather what it says. So my types might look meaningless but each piece contain a meaningful sentence.

Here are some images I found on internet:

I also have done all layouts for my project which I’ll show you guys on the next post 🙂


056: Symposium 02

Click here for the PDF presentation!

055: Tutorial with Andy 22/04/10

This week has been hectic, I work part time and also on my project, it’s quite tiring but better than nothing and I’m still happy anyway.

So, I had a tutorial session with Andy last week. However it was quite short (30 mins) but we discussed main and important points and it’s very helpful for the project. Here are important points I took for the session:

– Try things on a projector ASAP: to see how it looks like. Which one works and which one does not. See how to place projectors to get the best result.

– Try a net curtain: As I proposed in my blog before that I want to use acetate papers to make some type illusion. Andy suggested me to try this material also as it might produce some interesting results. The thing is I need to try it out and stretch the curtain because it’s unstable. But anyway I’ll buy some and try with a projector soon.

– Look at some similar example from Defuse, Paul Klee (grids and colours), John Meada (colours). As we were talking about whether it should be black and white or colours. But as we both agreed that if I want to use colours, they should have meanings/ somewhat relate to what I want to communicate. So Andy said I should keep it black and white.

– Continue from above point, if I want to do something about colours and pixelate, I should try to work from what I have which is black types on white background. As when types are zoomed in, they create some pixelate edges with other colours. So I have to zoom in and see how black is breaking apart/sneaking out. Then screen grab and use colours which based on the screen grabs.


playing with the result from the mixer, screen grab it and work on the colours same as above.

– Words: Try to play with random/intention words. Things that does not make sense but look like sentences. Eg. The quick brown fox…

Be conscious/ positive in use of language/ intentional

The main thing I need to do now is trying out all my type layouts with a projector in class to see how it looks like with size and materials.