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046: Pradalphabet

M/M Paris has collaborated and created typefaces for Prada. This is so cool!

The letters are “drawn-or rather built-as an architecture, a cosmogony or an autonomous engine.”


For more information on M/M Paris. Visit:


037: Experiment with Helvertica

I did some type experiment with Helvetica, like layout and size, on 16:9 screens (1280 x 720). Still working on some more.

030: Update and Biennale de Lyon

I just got back in London for 2 days from my holiday in France. After spending 2 days in Paris and 4 days in Lyon, I’d been quite relax and clearing my mind from everything else. Paris was cool, I had so much fun there even it’s such a busy city and strangely enough it made me miss London more, which was something I couldn’t explain. Lyon was something different. I like the small city with the view of the old town and mountains. It is a very pretty city to live and not as busy as Paris, and it has everything you need! So I did a lot of sightseeing, museums, and exhibitions (and of course shopping!). Thanks to Mr.JB for guiding and taking me around. Luckily we were there just in time for Biennale de Lyon. It was a very very good exhibition on contemporary art and design which takes places in four areas. We went to just two and there were very cool.

There was one particular work I was interested the most because it’s about typography and environment. This work was done by Tsang Kinwah, The Second Seal – Every Being That Opposes Progress Shall Be Food For You. Using projectors to create typographic installation is something I’d like to explore further more and his project inspires me.

p.s. for more photos of my holiday, visit my personal blog here

029: Yes, I am not : Exhibition by Santi Lawrachawee

Yes, I am not Exhibition

July 5-31, 2008,
at Bangkok University Gallery, City Campus

Due to Santi Lawrachawee’s experiences and roles in the graphic
design realm, not only as a designer of the Practical Studio, or as
a part-time lecturer in the School of Fine and Applied Arts,
Bangkok University and Chulalongkorn University, but also as
a major player who has been continuously engaged in the
movements for Thailand’s field of arts and design,
it is time that he makes use of these art and design experiences
to convey his personal viewpoints in the first of his solo exhibition
“Yes, I am not.” This exhibition aims to present the puzzling circle
of globalized people’s consumption of information in their daily
lives, starting from the consumption process, embellishment,
synthesis, acceptance/opposition, and truth seeking. It seems like
asking the question, “What do we ultimately acquire from living in
the ocean of information that crazily strikes at us?”
This is conveyed by cutting newspapers to form more than
1000 lumps of paper bolds in a letter shape, which are exhibited
as a paper installation.


I find his work very conceptual but something inspires me and my project, in terms of how people see things and perceive them everyday. And it’s interesting to see this kind of work from Thai designer.

visit: Santi Lawrachawee’s Blog for more information

028: Barbara Kruger

I found Barbara Kruger’s work accidentally on The Brand New School website. Her installation work for Ecritures Silencieuses a show at the Louis Vuitton Cultural Space in Paris. I think her work is quite interesting in terms of exploring space, typeface, and projection.

Here are words from The Brand New School:

Barbara Kruger came to us to help her in the production of a site specific video installation for Ecritures Silencieuses a show at the Louis Vuitton Cultural Space in Paris. What started as technical problem solving quickly turned into a creative collaboration where we made sure Barbara’s high production standards would be maintained in a spatially challenging environment. The 5 minute bilingual typographic animation is projected in a 35′ tall rotunda literally surrounding its audience in a seamless flow of words and imagery.

Barbara initially provided us with very precise scripts and imagery. With a limited and focused team we spent the next three months refining the typography and pacing and took great care in maximizing the cyclical nature of the installation. In keeping with Barbara’s historical use of Helvetica Compressed, we customized the typeface ever so slightly to work with a variety of different layouts and translation within the space.

The piece will be up at the Louis Vuitton Cultural Space in Paris until August 23.


027 : [karlklomp] Random Title Generator

JB passed me this awesome DIY website on electronic stuff. However it looks quite complicated  to do but I’d love to get my hands on them. Especially this video which he did experiment on glitch and types.

Here are some words from karlklomp:


Random Title Generator from Bauer Bosch. Its a VTG-500 in a bigger case, and they call it VTG-1000 Studio. Bauer Bosch has more title generators and can superimpose its graphics over an incoming video feed. I very much like these aesthetics of ‘glitchy’ text. Its random, not chaos but often totally surprising outcome. The nervous, jumping style of randomness; black/white appearance, I love it. I consider this has my new movies but than with constantly changing content. A kind of programming but without a command-z option. Hardware-patch to set structure in too many possibilities.

On the top two body contacts, three switches that active the random generating characters and a knob for a sort of offset characters. On the bottom there are three on-off-on switches with push buttons for 6 different effects that can be combined.


024: Jenny Holzer

I found some book on this artist, Jenny Holzer. I find her works quite interesting in terms of presenting and projecting sentences, types in different ways. My favorite ones have to be ones that are projected on building, trees, glasses, and water. Which are actually interesting to see how surfaces/environments can affect the meaning/typographic visual.

I’ll post more about her because I think it’s very useful for my project.