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068: Show Build (Final Day)

Finally, everything is put up and works well. I’m quite satisfied with the installation. The hardest thing would be putting up the fabric, it’s hard to make it perfect but I tried my ┬ábest. Today is more about cleaning up the space and tape everything to be neat and tidy. The main thing I just found out since testing the cable that connects the dvd player and the screen is that it always results differently each time I turn it on. Interesting. Anyway, my project is ready for the show! :)))

Work in progress pictures:

Final installation:


067: Show Build

I was working at Uni everyday last week, from painting and cleaning and preparing the space on Day 1 until yesterday. Tomorrow is going to be the last day of show build, which I need to put up the fabric on another side and finalize my installation. Here are the progress..

DAY 2: After cleaning up and painted the space on Day 1, it took all day to fix everything. On Day 2 it’s all about moving stuff including plinths. The wall was put back on, fixed and painted. It looks white and clean now.

Day 3: Testing with screen and glitch effect

Day 4: Testing projector and screen

Day 5: Testing everything together, including prints

Day 6: (to be continued)

066: Ready to set up!

This is a rough drawing for the final installation. As I said in the previous post, the screen will be put on a white pedestal in the middle of a projected video. There are two prints to be visually compared with the screen. One will be hung down from the ceiling and another one will be placed just below the screen, on the pedestal. Both of them will be perfectly align with the screen.

The fabric will be cut in 6 pieces and hung down from the ceiling just in front of a projected wall in layers, creating a surface. Each fabric has same length and width but will be posited on different depth, around 5-10 cm. different.

065: UNIT2 Essay

Unit 2 Essay: Imperfectionist can be seen here


Unit 2 Essay Briefing:

UNIT 2 Essay

Written paper synthesised from your reflective journals and to include an

evaluation of your practice in relation to the project proposal and to include a

reference to your future development. (2000-3000 words overall)

You may wish to consider the following points:

Key developments

Key examples of new knowledge / learning

Transferable skills

Has the project work presented opportunities for future developemnt

How will the practice you have developed be continued.

Learning Outcomes

Analyse and reflect coherently upon your own practice and others through

your presentation at the programmed symposium forming a synthesis of your

practice-based research.

Summarise your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for

continuing Personal and Professional Development.

064: Glitch Glitch Glitch

Result from a bad cable and it ends up produces very nice and unqexpectable glitch. This is because of a bad transmission from a bad cable. I don’t think I need my DIY mixer for the screen anymore, this is purely technology malfunctioning. Imperfecto !!!

DVD Player + Bad cable + Screen = Glitch

063: Testing with Fabric // New Installation Space Concepts

So I got two kinds of fabric to test (both are similar to mosquito net) from this fabric shop in Soho. One is softer and has smaller holes in white, another one is harder with a bit bigger holes, in silky white. First I thought the softer one would catch light beams better but I was wrong. After testing these fabric out, the harder one results a better quality, and I guess it would be easier to hang it down.

And here are some results from the softer fabric:

After all, I decide to go with the harder fabric for my surface/texture. I also design a new layout for it to make it becomes more effective in term of imperfect. I’ll cut the fabric in to six stripes for each side. Each stripe will have the same width but different length, hanging down from the ceiling – in front of the projected wall. They will still catch texts as well as layer them, produce textures/surfaces to the installation.

I still have to work out the installation and space because I have been allocated in a new space and I have to try to tweak everything in. The screen also can not be mounted on the wall. Shit but I can’t do anything now because it’s a bit too late. So I’m thinking to put it on an art stool, make it come out from the wall a bit, same as print…which the top one will be hang from the ceiling to get the same depth as the screen. And the bottom one will be put on the stool, just below the screen. Anyway, I’ll draw out a plan soon !!!!

062: Test Things Out 02

Ok. So finally I got to test the projector with an acetate plate and a tracing paper, hanging by a thread from the ceiling.

Test on Acetate Plate

Test with Tracing Paper

I like both results, but there are problems like ..

The plate/paper keeps swinging. Not good.

I like how the acetate plate didn’t affect the projected image behind but it’s quite reflective and types are rarely appeared on the plate.

The tracing paper working well with types projected on but it blocks out everything behind it.

So, I’m turning to a final choice: using a mosquito net instead. I found lots of places to buy and I think I’ll get it by the end of this week + test it out. If it works better than what I’ve done. I’ll have to think about how to put it on, like building a frame or something.