055: Tutorial with Andy 22/04/10

This week has been hectic, I work part time and also on my project, it’s quite tiring but better than nothing and I’m still happy anyway.

So, I had a tutorial session with Andy last week. However it was quite short (30 mins) but we discussed main and important points and it’s very helpful for the project. Here are important points I took for the session:

– Try things on a projector ASAP: to see how it looks like. Which one works and which one does not. See how to place projectors to get the best result.

– Try a net curtain: As I proposed in my blog before that I want to use acetate papers to make some type illusion. Andy suggested me to try this material also as it might produce some interesting results. The thing is I need to try it out and stretch the curtain because it’s unstable. But anyway I’ll buy some and try with a projector soon.

– Look at some similar example from Defuse, Paul Klee (grids and colours), John Meada (colours). As we were talking about whether it should be black and white or colours. But as we both agreed that if I want to use colours, they should have meanings/ somewhat relate to what I want to communicate. So Andy said I should keep it black and white.

– Continue from above point, if I want to do something about colours and pixelate, I should try to work from what I have which is black types on white background. As when types are zoomed in, they create some pixelate edges with other colours. So I have to zoom in and see how black is breaking apart/sneaking out. Then screen grab and use colours which based on the screen grabs.


playing with the result from the mixer, screen grab it and work on the colours same as above.

– Words: Try to play with random/intention words. Things that does not make sense but look like sentences. Eg. The quick brown fox…

Be conscious/ positive in use of language/ intentional

The main thing I need to do now is trying out all my type layouts with a projector in class to see how it looks like with size and materials.

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