051: Wall Layout V.03

I’ve been thinking of how to do the wall layout and it pisses me off a bit now. I want it to be more effective but still look good. The last wall layout I designed was good but when it comes to think about how to lay everything out, it doesn’t look that nice and just looks like I put all junks together. Anyway I come out with a new solution, wall lay out version three. And I hope this is the final one and I can figure everything out fine (in terms of finding materials and installing things).

So after have a look at a screen I can use with the video mixer, I found this one. Overall size of the glass screen is 39 cm x 70 cm and 50 cm x 80 cm including the surround. I need to change the size for other screens and prints. So I put 2 prints in the middle, combines with the TV screen. On the sides, videos will be projected through a projector, changing images from time to time. But on the wall there will be pieces of glass plates/ colour acrylic plates/ small boxes, attach to strings and hanging down from a ceiling. This idea is to create a representation of breaking down/ pixelate of types clearly and visually in 3 dimensions. I’m still not sure how many materials Im gonna use because this also depends on finding them and making them.

It’s bad I still haven’t tested anything out yet. I think I should finish all the video first but I’ll try to keep everything posted as much as I can!

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