031: Glitch Study: VADE

I’ve been researching on how to produce ‘glitch’ effects using either a controller or making in AE. So far I got some tips and techniques to do it and I should start give it a try soon. I found a blog call Vade, which is a pretty cool blog to explore about producing glitch with different programs and technology.

Here are some examples:

Texture Glitch

you can also see more glitch work example from Vade hrough his blog, which I found a lot of inspiring work and techniques to work with.

This example is using a plug-in with the screen saver on Mac. To read more about it, please click here

Some more experiment work from Vade:

Glitch File Reader

FBO Glitch source

A Brief Tour of Quartz Composer memory…

Core Video OpenGL Glitch

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