030: Update and Biennale de Lyon

I just got back in London for 2 days from my holiday in France. After spending 2 days in Paris and 4 days in Lyon, I’d been quite relax and clearing my mind from everything else. Paris was cool, I had so much fun there even it’s such a busy city and strangely enough it made me miss London more, which was something I couldn’t explain. Lyon was something different. I like the small city with the view of the old town and mountains. It is a very pretty city to live and not as busy as Paris, and it has everything you need! So I did a lot of sightseeing, museums, and exhibitions (and of course shopping!). Thanks to Mr.JB for guiding and taking me around. Luckily we were there just in time for Biennale de Lyon. It was a very very good exhibition on contemporary art and design which takes places in four areas. We went to just two and there were very cool.

There was one particular work I was interested the most because it’s about typography and environment. This work was done by Tsang Kinwah, The Second Seal – Every Being That Opposes Progress Shall Be Food For You. Using projectors to create typographic installation is something I’d like to explore further more and his project inspires me.

p.s. for more photos of my holiday, visit my personal blog here

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