015: Surroundings can affect people’s thoughts?

NOTE: As Andy responses to my research question. I have to narrow down and define he parameters of typography, especially the relationship between type and its environment in digital realm. Andy said “Typography it could be argued is a stylistic treatment of words – could the project develop that idea and place typography in another sphere other then ‘style’?

From the book called ‘Virtual Typography’, it narrows down to two topic which are;

a. Motion typography: types that move

b. Transitional typography: gradually changing typography

I’m focusing on ‘transitional typography’ or in another word ‘temporal typography’. Which it means changing size/weight/position in types to enhance the expressiveness of typographic messages. The key advantage is emotive expression can be enhanced by the definition of the graphic transition, which this also relates to my idea of emotive responses between type and its environment.

So my project is to present how types gradually changes in digital environment/time. And the digital environment I noted is focused on ‘imperfection’, as in types would be deconstructed depending/relating to its surroundings. Main thing I want to achieve is emotive responses between types, environment, and audiences.

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