014: Narrowing down ideas for proposal

After finished reading this book “Typographic Design: Form and Communication”, it gives me more specific idea on my typographic project. There are main things I need to explore and experiment on;

Decomposition/Imperfection areas: This is gonna be my main environment subject I’ve been talking about and wanting to observe.

Typefaces: Focusing both on serif and san-serif fonts, maybe handwritten or calligraphy also. Do they all speak out in different meanings? Do they each convince audiences to feel something?

Typographic message: meanings of words

Emotional responses: Both from myself and audiences

*All of these topics are considered in terms of visual aspects and legibility.

It is quoted in the book that “Typography is a language of potent visible signs, a language capable of educating/persuading/informing/entertaining. Typographic signs are created with an informed eye and mind, they achieve both lucidity and aesthetic beauty” Also David Carson once said “Something legible does not mean it communicates”. From this quote, I can see that typography is not just delivering meanings to us but it also uses our emotional responses as a way to communicate.

And what if environment around types are varied (which I choose it to be decomposition/imperfection), would it make any different to out emotive responses or meanings? This question is leading to my typographic experiments combining with digital media.

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