013: Installation Ideas

We were talking  about installation stuff last week in class which it kinda occurs me of how I want to present my project. I know it has to be installation but I’m not sure how many screens or projectors I need. Because my project is actually about experimenting and experiencing on different environments, typefaces, and spaces. So either big screen, or a lot of small screens, combining with a projector and motion graphic.

I’ve noted that I have to research on;

– Why I choose this installation?

– Is it affective?

– Space/ Scale/ Lighting?

– Is it a right medium?

Digital or Manmade? Which one is more affective?

I’ve also been thinking about how the final project is gonna be, in term of forms;

Idea 1. Motion graphic

Idea 2. Projection of types, on wall/area/surfaces (manmade; paint/stickers/papers/etc.)

Idea 3. Projection of types, on motion graphic

Idea 4. All manmade, but using a projector or digital equipments to fulfill the project.

I have to find the best way, make sure it’s a right medium and affective!

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